Meet Fernando Machado… Your Costa Rica Connection

Your Transportation Manager & Tour Guide Extraordinaire!

Fernando Machado is the Transportation Manager for Costa Rica Vision. His primary duties involve shuttling guests to where and when they need to be. And simply put, Fernando epitomizes more than any other associate, what we are all about. Knowledgeable, friendly, caring…And a safe driver! (Read more about Costa Rican roads and drivers in an upcoming blog.)

Fernando will likely be the first person you meet upon landing on your Costa Rica vacation as he meets you at the airport in Liberia. Form there he will bring you through the picturesque countryside on the way to your Tamarindo vacation property. For many vacationers, this might be the last time they’d see their greeter, but if that were the case they’d be missing one of the best vacation experiences available in Costa Rica. How so, you ask?

Take an adventure tour with Fernando and his van for the day! We recommend taking a day or two to settle in and then arrange to meet Fernando for a coffee at the El Chiringuito Café, located just outside his beach chair rental business (everyone in Costa Rica is an multi-tasking, entrepreneur extraordinaire!) and discuss the options for a full day tour with him as your guide.

Meet Fernando at El Chiringuito Café to discuss your next great adventure!

Many of our guests may choose a beach tour with Fernando down to Playa Avellanas and Playa Negra, with lunch at Lola’s as the main highlight. Others choose to do a full day tour to San Jose for shopping and sightseeing. The more adventurous among you might head up to Granada, Nicargua and San Juan del Sur.

The kids can have adventures of their own at our Kid’s Club daycare facility.

There’s Fernando’s Special Tour to either San Jose or Granada or Fernando’s Super Fun Beach Trips. No matter what you choose, spending some time with your new best friend Fernando, may well be the highlight of this Costa Rican vacation.

Explore the colorful culture of Costa Rica and let Fernando be your guide

Name: Fernando Machado

Title: Transportation Manager, Costa Rica Vision

Specialties: Fernando’s Special Tour (to either San Jose or Granada) and Super Fun Beach Trips with Fernando