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Where to Stay in Costa Rica

Let’s explore what’s possible as you consider where to stay in Costa Rica. Whether you are looking for adventure, beach time, pool time or chill time there are beautiful Costa Rica Vacation Rentals and they are waiting for you. The Province of Guanacaste is your spot for adventure, tropical paradise, culture and luxury villas are calling your name.

You will find dense jungles, active volcanoes, spectacular waterfalls, cities and beach towns. In this article we are going to explore the adventures, the culture, the people and answer the question; Where to Stay in Costa Rica? Tough choices must be made or as a suggestion….you can stay longer and see it all!

Pura Vida

If you haven’t heard the phrase Pura Vida, in Costa Rica you’ll not only learn how to pronounce it you’ll learn how to live it. The literal translation is “pure life” or “simple life”, but to embrace the culture of Costa Rica you learn that Pura Vida is more…..it is a way of being and that will catch hold of you to make you fall in love.

Costa Rica Visions is your travel partner in Guanacaste Province.

The Province of Guanacaste is your one stop shop for the #aah moments only found in tropical paradise. The beaches are unparalleled and the wildlife will amaze you. The culture, the towns and cities, the scenery…these are all reasons why this part of the world is drawing visitors from afar. Now is the time for you to embrace Pura Vida and slide into the welcoming culture of the pure life.

As you roam the beach towns you’ll find artisans eager to share their creativity, farmers markets offering fresh ingredients and wonderful restaurants that entice with the cuisine of the area. If fabulous beaches are what draw you in, we invite you to check out this article The Amazing Beaches of Guanacaste.

Scuba Diving in Guanacaste
Scuba Diving, Surfing, Fishing…..it’s all here waiting for you in Guanacaste!

Oh the Adventures You Can Have  

At Costa Rica Vision we have packaged up an astonishing offering of adventure tours. They are yours to discover right here.

  • Zip lining 
  • Fishing
  • Scuba diving 
  • Surfing
  • Crocodile Tours, and more

The rich experiences of Guanacaste Province is a click away.

In this incredibly diverse country you will find cosmopolitan cities like San Jose and quaint towns in the mountains and on the beaches. Start with choosing your luxury villa in Guanacaste and get to know your new community. Then explore the villages, visit the farm stands and grocery shops to grab the ingredients you need to chef it up at one of the magnificent Costa Rican Vision Properties. You are in a tropical paradise.


Tamarindo is a beach town that boasts great surfing, white sand beaches and no end of water sports to enjoy. The Moonlight Market is a feast for the eyes with artisans showcasing their wares, food trucks to tempt you and craft beer to make you linger. You don’t want to miss the Tamarindo Street Food Fiesta. This is when you let your inner foodie come out to play while you enjoy live music and the vibe that goes with it. If a bit of adventuring is more your style you have to check out the exciting tours we offer. Why wouldn’t you go? This vibrant community is high on the list for many tourists who wonder where to stay in costa rica.

Playa Flamingo

If a beach town with gentle sea breezes, pure white sand beaches and a Costa Rica Vacation Home nearby is on your radar, then Playa Flamingo might be your spot. This small Costa Rican town features some wonderful restaurants and shops. If you want to venture further afield a Car Rental will have you adventuring or exploring other beaches and villages close by. If adventure is on your mind consider scuba diving, zip lining, a volcano hike or a waterfall swim.

Playa Flamingo is nestled in a small sandy cove. Travellers will find this wonderful little beach town provides high end amenities and spectacular sea views. The white sand beach is flanked on each end by vacation homes, shops and restaurants. This perfect spot a little ways north of Tamarindo will enchant you with it’s charm.

Playa Potrero

Quieter than Tamarindo…..this beach town might just be exactly what you seek. With great restaurants to choose from and a plethora of attractions to amuse you Playa Potrero offers a more serene experience. Imagine yoga in an outdoor setting, or the Monday Moonlight Market in nearby Playa Flamingo showcasing the creations of local artists and crafters. This quiet little fishing village on the beach is tranquil and serene. This is where you can dig your toes in the sand and let the aah moments roll. It is perfectly situated for your excursions checking out nearby beaches and beach towns.

Playa Potrero is located along the northern part of Guanacaste surrounded by rolling hills and tropical vegetation. The sunsets are breathtaking and it is also known for outstanding sportfishing. For the scuba enthusiasts there are top diving spots just offshore. This beach town delivers the getaway that offers serenity with a blend of adventure. There are also local attractions, fine dining, relaxation all with typically perfect weather. Is this your solution to our question…where to stay in Costa Rica?

Where to Stay in Costa Rica

The team at Costa Rica Visions have assembled a virtual one stop shopping opportunity for you to design your escape. If you have questions, there is someone waiting to chat with you via email or phone call. You are one click away from sandy beaches, gorgeous sunsets and tropical breezes in your own luxury vacation rental. We invite you to choose your villa first. Then you can explore the adventures and concierge services available on our website.